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We have developed the Klarda platform with a variety of distinctive features to provide DeFi users with an exceptional experience. Klarda enables users worldwide to explore new projects, access real-time market analytics, and benefit from robust aggregation services. With comprehensive indicators and alerts, you can efficiently manage your portfolio and stay updated on your assets' performance. DeFi has never been easier with Klarda!
wallet address

20M+ Labeled Addresses

Identify and hand-pick significant addresses from multiple chains
crypto prices

10+ years of prices

Access to over 10+ years of historical OHLCV prices for comprehensive analysis
$2B+ indexed transaction volumes

$2B+ indexed transaction volumes

Capture transaction types across multiple chains to enhance insights
band protocol

200+ Protocols

Indexing all protocols with a 99% coverage of TVL, i.e. Uniswap, Pancakeswap, etc.
top crypto exchanges

30+ Exchanges

Capture transaction types across multiple chains to enhance insights

10+ Blockchains

Include most major EVM-based blockchain networks, i.e. Ethereum, BSC, etc.

Portfolio Management

Streamline Your DeFi Assets with a Single Dashboard

Gain peace of mind with our secure real-time asset tracking solution, allowing you to effortlessly monitor asset allocations, diversification, performance, risks, and more, all from a single comprehensive dashboard enriched by our extensive data coverage.
defi crypto

Extensive Data Coverage

Data from over 10 blockchains, 200+ protocols, and 20+ millions addresses.
defi crypto

Most Secure

No private keys, recovery phrases, or passwords required. Military-Grade Encryption for data storage.
defi crypto

Insightful Analytics

Optimize investments and asset performance; discover opportunities with visualizations and analytics.

Market Insight

Comprehensive Data Coverage for Informed Decision Making

Gain access to clear fundamental metrics, key insights from analysts, and in-depth research, Empowering Your Crypto Journey to make informed decisions on crypto assets' health, performance, and risks. Maximize your potential with our extensive data coverage and state-of-the-art data warehouse, ensuring profitable outcomes for your investments.

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Aggregation Solutions

Facilitate transactions between traders, buyers, and sellers with thousands of crypto news, and blockchains

Klarda Discovery

Get free source for the latest and legitimate cryptocurrency campaigns and airdrops.

Discover and participate in airdrops by following the instructions provided to claim free crypto tokens or vote for your favorite projects.

Robo - Advisor

Employs cutting-edge algorithms and data-driven insights for automated, personalized crypto investments based on your unique profile.

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